Experts make companies work. Expert strategies make them great.

Expert Services is operational branding applied to the most under-utilized brand and marketing asset in companies today: their network of experts and expert content.

A company’s success in differentiating itself often depends on the expertise it can claim as its own. To improve brand and marketing performance, leaders have begun to invest in content, marketing, and brand-building programs that make use of the industry expertise and individual reputations of their executives and thought leaders.

The best of these companies craft strategic plans that draw on the full range of experts and expert content to consistently build authority, expand permissions, and further business objectives.

Partnering with groups across the organization, we inventory and profile expert talent, then design an integrated roadmap for developing experts of all types and levels. As much as for external marketing opportunities, we look to improve expert capabilities in areas ranging from digital readiness and brand alignment to talent development and expert operations.

Our proprietary approach to expert development is powered by ExpertFile, the world’s first software and marketplace specifically focused on expert marketing.

Great brands learn to shed what they aren’t and become more and more of what they are.